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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A talks about the qualities which a good perfect should have.

Good afternoon everyone. In month’s time you will begiven the chance to elect some new school perfects. In order to help you choose wisely, I have decided to talk to you on the qualities which a good perfect should have.

                   First, he should be good at his studies. This is because the duties of a perfect sometimes take up a lot of the student’s time. For instance, he has to be on duty at the school gate in the mornings before school begins and a little later, supervise detention classes after school has been dismissed and attend meetings. At the same time, he must not neglect his studies and his grades must not suffer. A student who is not good at his studies will find it difficult to keep up with his school work and perform his duties as a perfect well.

                   A good perfect is someone who is also active in co-curricular activities. He must show that he is a leader as well as a good follower. As a leader, he should be able to influence his fellow students to work for the society as well as to participate actively in all the actives orgainized. He should be always willing to help or contribute ideas to make the society he belongs to something worthwhile. We must remember that a perfect need not be someone who holds important positions in a society. What is important is that as an prdinary member he is willing to co-operate and work with everyone so that the activities are carried out smoothly and successfully.

                   Next, a good perfect must be disciplined and responsible person. He must be someone the other students will look up to. He cannot hope to gain their respect if he himself does not follow the school rules or if he is irresponsible.

                   Apart from that, he must also be trustworthy and honest. He must be fair to all students and must discipline those who break the school rules even if they are his friends. He must be able to act in a calm manner and not lose his temper.

                   Finally, a perfect is someone who represents the school, especially at inter-school functions. Therefore, the good name of the school, to some extent, depends on how he conducts himself, especially when he meets with outsiders. So the way he dresses, speaks and behaves  is very important. He must be neat and tidy at all times. He must also be polite and be able to speak well. Surely, we do not want someone who is dirty and untidy to represent us.

                   So, my dear students, when you elect your prefects next month, I hope you will bear these points in mind and vote wisely. Thank you.

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